Why Do I Blog?

To a new reader it may seem to be a strange question given that there are no other posts here. But there are no posts here because some granted themselves access to my blogs and deleted every single post and page. To longer-term subscribers it may seem like an odd question because I’ve answered it once before: I research, I distract myself, I become angry about a thing, I blog about it. But that answer wasn’t the entirety of the case.

I do blog to distract myself, and I do blog to give me a reason to research things. But I also want to share. It’s not just news ideas and social concepts, there has been creative writing on the blog and another of my blogs was dedicated to discussion entirely around religion. I even had a blog that doubled as an online (and still private) diary. I blog because it is a hobby. I blog because it is a discussion waiting to be had. I blog because opinions are not black and white. I blog because someone else’ perspective is the start of a whole new thought process.

I’m going to try and restore some of my favorite posts, namely my creative writing and the stuff I wrote on social equality, but I suspect that that is all lost. So now actually marks a new beginning in my blogging hobby. I hope you hang around to see what that might mean.


5 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?”

        1. I think I’m going to start using Google Docs. That way I don’t need to think about memory sticks and all the stuff will still be safe when I get a new laptop etc.
          Fourat J has forwarded me a lot of the posts that WordPress emailed to him, so a lot has actually been salvaged. Which is nice (and unexpected).

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