My Eclectic Musings

My last few posts have been about an eclectic mix of things: a linguistic question on the difference between facts and opinions, the Higgs boson and flooding in the Southwest of England, an environmental opinion on Pandas, a brief snippet of my own thinking process using an etch-a-sketch and some health and fitness advice. I’m not sure there is a thread that combines these themes, except ‘modern living’.

Today we have to deal with a phenomenal level of information coming at us every day, and the ability to critically look at opinions, facts and supporting data is always a useful skill. My parents certainly never had to do it at this sort of level. And technology means it is not just possible to lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is encouraged: most jobs are based in an office, the TV is the most common form of entertainment, the bad food is the easiest to prepare and competitively priced, yet we expect ourselves to be healthy. George Carlin’s ‘modern man’ is the person we are being asked to be day-to-day. I am the schizophrenic of the modern era. Or maybe this is where ADHD comes from.

I just wanted to let all my followers know that I intend to continue on this undirected and eclectic pathway. But as I am taking the jack-of-some-trades approach, I want you to know that it is comments and discussions that make this fun. Long-time followers will be happy to know that I will still dabble with theology and social issues, but fitness and creative writing etc. are going to keep making it in. After all, this is my quiet corner of the internet.

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