The Conscious Dream

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The harder I tried to burn away my past the higher the shadows it cast leapt up in front of me; I had escaped nothing. With the flames lapping at my feet, here I was; a dark tunnel; just me and him with it further up ahead. The air was still and stagnant. My flashlight barely penetrated the shimmering darkness of the tunnel. He tried to comfort me, to console me. I was fine. The sound came racing down the tunnel, ricocheting off the walls before it hit us. It drowned us in fear, in guilt. He collapsed.

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I rushed to him and held him. He was clean; no dirt, no blood. He gasped desperately at the air; fear sustained his eyes as he gripped my clothes hard. He was clasping at me, at life. As he relinquished his eyes blazed. He illuminated the dark tunnel. As the light shone from his dying body he revealed the tunnel as a rainforest, and we were there; in a clearing. Blossom was beginning to settle at my feet. I held him as he died.

A light, refreshing breeze caught the blossom that was him, my friend, and he floated over to settle on the still lake beyond the clearing, pillars of light from between the trees made each blossom petal glow. I was alone. I turned and stood, and in front of me was a flickering light. Its flickering bounced shadows around the abandoned train station.

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I turned to my right to head down a dim-lit corridor. That same light flickered in front of me. My shadow leapt up behind me.

The conscious dream

As far as I’m aware, you rarely remember a dream; you remember a few dreams and the mind demands that the disjointed memories make sense. The result is that the subconscious adds continuity and sequence for the fragments that you remember. It is not until the conscious questions the memory that the dream fails to make sense. The conscious rendition of a subconscious continuity is meaningless.

In this dream, without moving I have occupied three places; a tunnel, a forest clearing and a train station. When I finally did move in the dream, details remained constant: the light followed me. This makes sense in a dream.

5 thoughts on “The Conscious Dream”

      1. I highly recommend that no one take it for any reason. Trust me when I say that it blurred the line between waking and sleeping dreams as well as wakefulness and unconsciousness. The dreams took their own course and lasted as long as they wished to. Waking at 2 in the afternoon on a work day with the alarm going off was a wake up call that I heeded. I could not question those dreams and tell the difference between them and when I was/am awake.

      2. That’s not even an interesting dream; you went to work?
        Seriously though, that’s horrible. Good call getting off of that stuff.

      3. I dreamed the whole day, work, paying bills, everything. I had my own special little Matrix moments. The dreams became memories.

        When asked if this existence is a simulation I know have to say that I can’t really tell you one way or the other.

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