If Religion Makes You Feel Bad…

I wonder if anyone is ever made to feel bad by their religion. I’m not talking about persecution or mockery, I mean the basic premise that most people I talk to seem to believe: God set everything up, gave us freewill and give or take the occasional miracle, God now doesn’t intervene.

The reason I suspect this may make some people feel bad is because religion demands of us that we thank God for all that is good, and blame ourselves for all that is bad. God created perfection, and we made that creation fall. All the praise for all your achievements goes to God, but the blame for the bad things stick clearly with you.

I hear people claiming that devout religion feels like a blanket of powerful and intense love, and if that is all you feel that I am happy for you. But if you occasionally feel bad about having to thank someone else for your achievements while blaming yourself for your shortcomings, speak up.


3 thoughts on “If Religion Makes You Feel Bad…”

  1. When I was a believer, I remember constantly feeling guilty because I felt I had let God down. I also felt extremely guilty if I did not pray daily. I always felt not good enough, although I didn’t really realize that until after my deconversion – I thought God’s love was supposed to be a comfort, but really it was a guilt trip.

    1. I’m more amazed by the people that say they can find pure happiness in religion than those that say God expects too much of them and they feel guilty for it.
      I think it’s a shame that so many people adopt this “mind forged manacle” (Christopher Hitchens). I’m glad you’ve gotten yourself out of a situation that made you feel guilty.

  2. I think religion needs to create a problem before it can sell you a cure. So it works very hard to instill guilt and unworthiness and self-loathing, so that it can sell “faith” as a cure. Everything bad is our fault, and nothing good is our own achievement, everybody is a hell-bound sinner, etc. etc.

    Kind of like the way the makers of all that snake-oil they sell on TV have to convince you that you have “toxins” or that your “energy is out of balance” before they can get you to buy their overpriced cures.

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