Stephen Fry was on ‘I’ve Never Watched Star Wars’

I seem to have turned into a complete Stephen Fry fan. The man deserves fans; he’s a brilliant and entertaining man. The other night I watched Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man and then almost immediately watched QI. But tonight I watched Jo Brand’s I’ve Never Seen Star Wars. The premise of the show is Jo Brand makes celebrities do things they haven’t done before. Jo Brand makes Stephen Fry get a piercing, put together flat pack furniture, watch Only Fools and Horses, and try boxing.

If someone makes it to 54 years old and hasn’t got a piercing, it is probably safe to say that they don’t want one. So making Stephen Fry get one might be considered tantamount to vandalising his body. But he’s pretty indifferent about his body, so it wasn’t that bad. He’s pessimistic about his physical condition, but he doesn’t care—or at least wishes to appear he doesn’t care. By the way, Stephen, if you’re reading this, I know plenty of people who would happily give a comforting spooning session, me included! Seriously, the man looks cuddly. But the point is he got his left ear pierced. And then he let it heal up again. Disappointed. He kept it for a total of 3 days. I’ve never been pierced or tattooed, but I did consider it for a while; then I got a slight tan and decided my body didn’t look that boring. Whether I like it or not, women find tattoos sexy. Maybe I should think about getting one again. I just don’t have a message or culture I feel strongly enough about to get permanently inked on me. I only have 1 real-life friend that reads this, so I’m not going to get real feedback on that.

Fry was then made to put together a desk from the mystery-world of Ikea. I’ve done that, in fact I think there are 4 Ikea things in my bedroom that I put together. Fry’s bad at it, and that is the joke. The desk was a shambles, took forever, made him angry, made him sweat and he swore like a sailor putting it together. The swearing was funny though. As a thank you for entertaining the nation with his flat-packed kryptonite, he was given the chance to watch Only Fools and Horses. Not much to say about that, he liked it.

Lastly, they got the man into a boxing ring. I think there is something admirable about a man that is that uncomfortable with violence, even in controlled conditions; it shows a level of culture and sophistication. But it also shows a lacking in certain departments. He said he was unhappy with the reaction he had the first time he saw a fight (aged 20); he felt sick. It also says a lot about him that, despite his discomfort, he gave it a go. Perhaps it was to show that he is actually “not a pansy”. I can’t pretend to sympathise with the shyness and discomfort he felt, I boxed for fun with my pasty-white, tattoo-free, near-hairless torso on display. Grr, sexy.

So there, the man that defines what a gadget should be and made “interesting” trendy (or, at least, as trendy as the word “trendy”) is also an uncoordinated, impractical, loveable (huggable) twit.


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