Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age

Thanks to the age of information, an age that should be historically remembered as the “Google Era”, there are now only two types of GP. The first type of GP is one that you tell all of your symptoms to and they give you the diagnosis and you think this:

What am I doing here? I was on Google this morning, and I already know everything you are telling me! I can’t believe they let you graduate.

The other type of GP is one where you think something very different after they suggest a diagnosis, you think:

Ah, yes. This incontrovertibly confirms what I looked up on Google. You are indeed a great and wise doctor.

2 thoughts on “Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age”

    1. Yeah, it’s a joke. But it is kind of true. I don’t go to a GP unless I am already ill (and mostly, not even then), and if I am ill I have already Googled my symptoms and I already know what’s wrong.
      If not until you go to see a specialist that what you look up on Google isn’t enough.

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