The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

“You built your walls so high that no one could climb it. But I’m gonna try. Won’t you tell me see beneath your beautiful”

We all wear masks. Sometimes we wear the masks of people we want to be: stronger people who can endure through our burdens and come out the other side happy; adventurous people who aren’t scared of the changes coming our way; brave people who can embrace the negativity of our lives. Our masks are not always new people, they can be us with a different history, different experiences and different opinions to better suit our friends.

Some of us forget to take our masks off for our friends. And eventually we cycle through all of our masks trying to remember which one is us. And none of them are. We are us, without the mask. But we put so many other masks on for other people, for us, that we forget that all the masks are fakes. The challenge isn’t finding us. We are what is when all the masks are off. The challenge is being brave enough to take off the mask.

No one knows you’re wearing a mask. And you don’t know that they are. It can look to you as if you are the only person with a mask, but you’re not. Everyone is wearing one. Maybe your best friends can tell when you’re putting on an act, but maybe not. You can’t expect other people to know what you need if you keep a mask on around them; you can’t expect to be close to other people if you keep a mask on as the act wears thin; you can’t expect intimacy from people you are hiding from.

If you are that person, cycling through your masks, looking for yourself, there is one person you need there to help you: whoever you are closest to; an old friend, a close family member, someone who once you didn’t wear your mask around. Someone that wants to see beneath the mask.

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