Horse Meat in My Burgers. Yum.

When I buy Tesco’s Value beef burgers (and I do) I fully acknowledge that their real name is Tesco’s Value Animal Product Patties. I’ve always accepted that there was a high risk that I’m not eating beef. I thought it would be hooves and kidneys. But horse? I’m getting horse meat, that cheap? Bargain. If Tesco had known there was horse in their burgers, the burgers would have been called Tesco’s Finest Continental Burgers. And they’d have been three times the price.

(As I’m scheduling this post, it will be archaic by the time it goes up. I don’t care.)

What are you angry about? Horse meat is a legitimate meat. People eat horse. The thing we should be angry about is the pork. Sneaking pork into our burgers is actually a problem. Not to me, I continue not to care. But I can guarantee there is an Orthodox Jew somewhere who is very angry about this.

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