9 A Polishing of Culture

After a night of running around a street of expensive shopping (which the people of Vienna would call cheap shopping) and then being lost and running around a street of shopping that even the people of Vienna would call expensive shopping (Mariahilfer Straβe), and then fighting sleep to watch an amazing film we eventually (and soberly) made it to bed around 1.30am. When we got up we had to find breakfast. But the market on our door step was open and it was no trouble at all.

I had shawarma. I have only heard of a because of Iron Man’s line near the end of The Avengers. That’s how cultured I am! But noodles for breakfast seemed like a nostalgic idea, so I had them from a stool at the market. Ben, who I had ventured out with, was tempted by the falafel I’d had the night before, and that was his breakfast. After we returned to the hostel room the four of us did laundry.

I have never been excited to do laundry before. In Thailand it was an incredible mission of lugging your laundry to the nearest laundrette and you just had to hope that the place was open. Often it was closed, and there was no structure to when or how. That was often a tiring endeavour because 2 people’s worth of laundry in a hot country where you change often is not a light bag of laundry. But here is was a case of taking it to the basement and just doing it. Simple. And I was starting to run low on underwear, so it was great. I can’t really tell you why I was excited to do laundry. But I was, and then we did laundry and all was well.

We put the clothes into the dryer and then Abi and Ruth (finally) went off to get their own breakfast. It was definitely lunch by then. They also had falafel. We then made our way to Vienna’s Museum Quarter and decided to go into the most interesting looking museum. I heard of shawarma from The Avengers; I am not cultured. And you can’t polish a turd.

Nevertheless, the Wien Museum (Vienna Museum) looked interesting and we went in. It was actually really cool. We went through Vienna’s history chronologically (or close enough to chronologically) starting with the early ice-age cultures around 40,000 years ago, then through their trade, religious and political upheavals an then most of the rest of the museum dealt with art and sculptures and Austrian film. And throughout the day the group tried to polish the uncultured turd that is me.

Vienna 169


This was Museum Security. All they did was make sure your camera flash was off.
This was Museum Security. All they did was make sure your camera flash was off.

Vienna 190

But I had my limits, and as two members of our group decided to go to an art exhibition after this, Abi and I met up with another friend and we followed horse and carriage rides through Vienna and drank Irish coffee and went to see a Cathedral and then went back to our respective hostels with the intent of call it a day…

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