Chilli Cherry Hot Chocolate

I was stranded in an airport a few weeks ago because I turned up extremely early to a remote airport in Germany. I was there 9 hours before check in. I passed the time with many things, one of which was flirting with an Irish girl who was on a much earlier flight to Dublin. Another was to flirt with a German girl about to embark on a holiday to Venice. But between these two events I decided to confuse all hell out of my taste buds and drink a Chilli Cherry Hot Chocolate, just to pass the time.

I went to the counter of the Coffee Fellows in Allgaeu airport and I ordered the drink. The German girls behind the counter seemed to have a lot of fun repeating my order: “Chilli cherry hot chocolate”. Say it, “chilli cherry hot chocolate”. It is fun. “Chill cherry hot chocolate” (simple things…). I got my drink and I sat down at exactly 1308, the departures board behind me told me that the 1250 flight to Dublin had departed. I found it funny that the message can only be bad news for late-running Ireland-bound travellers. But there was still 22 minutes until the check-in desk opened for my flight, so time to test this taste experiment…

It was, however, fantastic to drink! The German-cold had chapped my lips and there was a slight burn from the chilli. The nice kind. A tingle. It’s the kind of tingle you get from a curry that is just about in your taste range. It’s like warmth.

The cherry flavour was delightfully immature; it was the flavour of high-end cherry sweets; it is clearly artificial, but there is still something pleasantly convincing and comfortingly childish about it. Then, of course, there was the chocolate. I think I don’t have to write a review on hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is amazing.

[Also, writing at a table in a coffee shop at an airport is a both a test of your prepositions knowledge and a way to appear sophisticated to attractive German female travellers. Just sayin’]

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