Well, this is a little embarrassing, isn’t it?

Proving the Bible wrong might not prove God doesn’t exist. But if the Bible is wrong, even in its core stories, why do you believe in this specific God, again?

(Also, show John Zande some love)

Oops-sorry-signThere are degrees of embarrassment; those graceless, mostly self-inflicted pickles which typically range from the mild unease of being caught in a harmless white lie to the runaway shame of accidently sinking your own flagship, the HMS Victoria, as the British Navy did during a somewhat poorly thought-through parade manoeuvre in Tripoli Harbour, 1893. Stupendously embarrassing, unquestionably, but even this rather awkward moment in history pales to the almost unfathomable humiliation awaiting the triune of Abrahamic religions the moment they confess to their congregations what’s been known for well over a generation: Abraham and Moses never existed, the Hebrews were never enslaved in Egypt, the Exodus never happened, and there was never a triumphant conquest of Canaan.

“It’s been decades since we’ve known… what’s the hold up?” asked Israel Finkelstein, the chairman of the Archaeology Department at Tel Aviv University. The period of the patriarchs, exodus, conquest, or judges as…

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