My Dad is Psychic

My dad’s house is for sale (if you want to live in the West Country, England, it is for sale for £360,000. Viewing is encouraged). Not many people have viewed my dad’s house. But the other day my dad, on his drive into work, had a premonition that he would sell the house, given how few views he’s had, that should have seemed unlikely that morning. Later that day a middle-aged couple booked a viewing and came to see the house. They then viewed the house on the same day; the day after the morning of my dad’s premonition. Since then the elderly couple have asked for some more information and it looks like they are about to put in an offer.

Obviously, if they don’t put in an offer my dad’s premonition is absolute bunk. But it is still weird that my dad would have this premonition on a house that is infrequently viewed and then have detailed fall into place as if his premonition were true. Or it is?

The house is on the market because my dad wants to sell it; he doesn’t want to live here anymore. So it would make sense that he would be fantasising about selling the place, or imploring people to buy it (in that way people sometimes do even though they know they’re not talking to anyone) every day. It is only on the day that things seem to be falling into place that he could retrospectively upgrade the thought he had that day to a premonition, ignorant to the fact he thought the same thing every morning.

This morning (at time of writing, this is scheduled) my dad took kitchen paper downstairs because he thought he needed to mop up some water downstairs. He had not been down yet, and had not seen any water. For some reason, he had seen—in his mind’s eye—water in the far corner and decided he needed to mop it up. When he got downstairs there was not water in the corner, but the radiator was leaking. He had envisaged water he needed to mop up—which is not common place in the house—and there was water he needed to mop up. He was just wrong about the place.

Except, his actual premonition was consistent with his paranoia. He always thinks there’s going to be water in that corner or under a step by the back door. And he often takes paper down to test for dampness in the area. His paranoia, in turn, is consistent with what used to happen before we tanked (used waterproof cement make waterproof) the entire downstairs: condensation often gathered in those two locations and in the abnormal rainfall the UK had at the end of last year, that is where the flooding got in. One day a radiator had a minor leak (which is probably a side effect of the tanking, which in turn was because of the flooding which is also what effected his paranoia), then suddenly what had been paranoia and obsession for 6 months became a premonition. This is another case of retrospectively upgrading what is normal behaviour, for him.

Before the paranoia and the water-based obsession was a time before the flood. And immediately before the flood my dad went downstairs to do to work and when he was half way down the stairs he yelled “Water! The house is flooding!” I ran down stairs and the floor was bone dry. My dad had hallucinated a flood. Seconds later, the flooding began. Water started trickling in under the step by the backdoor. Within 5 minutes that trickle had become a full flow. Within 20 minutes the water was coming in from a few places and was an inch deep. My dad had hallucinated the early trickle seconds before it started and while the floor was still dry.

Hallucinations are not normal behaviour for my dad, so this one cannot be dismissed on the grounds of retrospectively calling common behaviour a premonition. Equally, this is the first time the house had ever flooded.

But there had been freak rainfall for days, water would have been on my dad’s mind. He’d been obsessively watching the river-level across the road. Flood risks were on the news all the time. My dad was raised by the estuary of the River Severn, and had a recurrent nightmare of it flooding and chasing him. But, most of all, when you go down stairs the back door is in your peripheral vision, and it’s made of glass, and the steps from the garden down to that door had caused two feet of water to back-up against the door. In his peripheral vision would have been a lot of water; light coming in through that door would have produced those distinctive patterns; flooding was in the entire public consciousness; he had obsessed over the possibility the river would flood. It is not unlikely that that “premonition” had been forced by these factors.

Or he’s psychic.

4 thoughts on “My Dad is Psychic”

    1. I actually hoped to show that these ‘psychic’ phenomena are actually a symptom of something. My dad does this quite frequently. But it’s because he is obsessive and paranoid.

      Also “is stronger”. You only need one comparative: “more” or “-er”. In this case, it is “stronger”.

  1. That was a really good read for those who are a little too quick to think ‘paranormal’ whenever something happens…

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