Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)

“The tragic events in Woolwich last week obviously are the most important thing to the friends, families and communities involved. But in terms of a measured political response we need to consider the statistics: how often does something like this happen? What level of risk might we be limiting civil liberties in order to combat?”

“The right honourable gentleman seems to be ignoring that this event–this tragedy–is potentially a spotlight into the latent numbers of radicalised people who are hidden in our society; a time bomb. We need to consider that if we wait until the danger is more present and more real we risk responding after it is too late.”

“We need to allow communities to work together to debate the issues that precipitate events like this: is America and Europe’s presence in the Middle East religiously motivated? Will Allah really forgive the wilful murder of innocent civilians, even in peace? There are compassionate communities out there who share many ideals with those who are at risk of being radicalised. We need to permit them a platform.”

… Went no debate ever.

The fact is that religion is a bad idea, but there are so many compassionate and considerate people from all religions; the religious moderates. Those who have reasoned away the tribal mentality and the hatred of their religions need to stop being a barrier to us criticising the extreme and the radical sections of each religion (which you are at the moment, and thats a problem), they need to start acting as the catalyst by which we can communicate with that population.

I don’t care whether the extreme have a more accurate reading of the Book, I care that one’s beliefs should not impact on the happiness of others. And there is a community that believes things I would have thought unbelievable, but also believes in the value of life and love and living. We need to ask those people, no matter how silly their beliefs are, to stand-up for their love-ladened faith, and stand-up against the hate- and the violence-ladened faiths that peruse under the same name. They are the most efficient tool we have to reaching the madmen.

1 thought on “Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)”

  1. The thing that stood out the greatest for me was how the knife-wielding dickhead said to the camera (in a hard London accent): “In our lands….”

    What, “Your lands”??? Did this idiot think he was being held in Britain against his will?

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