14. The Biblical God is Ignorant about Science

The claims here are actually very simple: all of the ‘knowledge’ contained in the Bible could easily have been written by the people of the time with no special agency or divine revelation; God could have given His people some knowledge that would have made their immediate lives easier. For example, no one knew about germ theory and knowing a little about germ theory would have told them a little something about hygiene and its important: not in the Bible. Plus, sometimes the Biblical author is just outright wrong. What would have been so difficult about this?: ‘life changes over time. When life begets life the new life is different, as you are different from your parents. Changes happen upon changes until you see what is before you today: all the beasts and herbs and germs of the Earth. (Look after it.)’

The Christian doesn’t see the issue. God is an accommodating God (He was accommodating about slavery, and now He’s accommodating about knowledge). Would we ever have understood it if God had spoken about quantum mechanics or the Grand Unified Theory? Even if God wrote the best science of today, the civilisation of 1,000 years’ time would dismiss the science as outdated. And if God were to write the very pinnacle of science—what actually is—we may never discover that and so the writing would be irrelevant for all of time. As for some basic medical advice, the Book is not about our physical health…

I want to start with the exclusionary principle first, because I find that the most strange. I understand that asking for modern science to be in the Bible would exclude the people of 2-3 thousand years ago. But writing with the science of that time has excluded us. Whereas, I have written some near the start of this post that would have been revolutionary, but relatively simple: germ theory and a trite description of evolution nearly 2 thousand years before its actual discovery. God’s word is meant to be inerrant, except when He’s talking science.

It’s even more bizarre when we’re talking about things to make people happy. There are tiny living things. Some of them are very important and live inside you. Some of them will cause great harm if they get inside you. Clean your damned food. It should say that where it actually tells you how to keep your slaves.

3 thoughts on “14. The Biblical God is Ignorant about Science”

  1. Exactly. The christian is diverting the question. It does matter if God wrote science they wouldn’t have understood then. It doesn’t matter, it’s God’s word. When millions die, God works in mysterious ways. When God didn’t write Pi = 3.14, or that small changes amount to big changes, g = 9.81, he is being accommodating. Bullocks. I believe Carl Sagan said it best, all he had to do was you’ll understand this one day. What priest would doubt that?

    JZ, agreed! Nothing of value that didn’t come from somewhere else.

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