Breasts: the oasis of life.

I wanted to write something to point out how ridiculous it is that people actually want to ban public breastfeeding. We–and I say “we” as in humanity, it is women that have this responsibility and honour–have been able to nourish children and given them the very nectar on which they thrive and grow and develop. But apparently some people consider that far too close to porn; an ironic complaint when you consider our society is drenched in pornography.
Evidence suggests breastmilk is better for children than the powdered substitute, even in developed countries where the water is clean. Powdered milk benefits the busy or modest mother, of course, and if you want to use it all power to you. But to suggest we need to hide away out breastfeeding mothers in obscene. How and when did we become so delicate that a breast mind offend us? And why isn’t it patently clear to us that being offended by the sight of a mother nurturing her child is our own neurosis and insanity?
If you want to complain, complain that powdered milk companies sell their products to people without access to clean water. These mothers are told their child will be better and are tricked into feeding babies with filthy water; babies with lesser immune systems because they never benefited from breast milk. And when the oasis runs dry, as it does after a spell of not feeding, the price is hiked up and the mother has to spend money on something that has always been free.
I wanted to write that.
But this poet said it so much better.

5 thoughts on “Breasts: the oasis of life.”

    1. I’m from Britain, and we’re a bunch of over-sensitive, stuck up and whining children. The British love nothing more than a good whinge.

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