Why Wouldn’t You Believe in God?

Enquiries on Atheism

Why wouldn’t you believe in God? I understand that atheists choose not to believe in a God. As humans we can believe and do pretty much whatever we want, of course with consequences to some things which carry harsher punishments than others. As a Christian I choose to believe in Christ and a higher being. Well because I can? I just don’t see how we could be on earth for all these years and it mean absolutely nothing. Plus the complexity of the universe, let alone our planet is just… WOAH! Why wouldn’t you take a chance and believe there is a God, just in case?

There are many points to dig through, here. But I want to focus on two: choosing to believe and the idea that the complexity of the universe is purposeful or intentional (called teleology). I don’t like to play my cards close to my…

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