What makes a person Christian, Muslim or Hindu? More importantly, why are there so few defections?

I author on Elucidation on Atheism, too. It’s a good place to ask some questions or read some answers about atheism. Give it a read. Go on.

Enquiries on Atheism

This question has two key facets that I see (and I don’t doubt my colleagues will be able to expand on them for me). But for the sake of opening the conversation on this issue I want to answer the question following two themes: you self-identify your religious belief and label, and people tend not to deflect because of how they learned the religion in the first place.

There are technical definitions of religions. It seems likely that the general body of Islam (i.e. most of the people that comprise it) would doubt that you could call a person why doubts the importance of Mohammed a Muslim. Equally, if you believe Jesus was born, die on a cross for our sins and rose again three days later then you are a Christian. If Jesus did not rise three days later, but still died for our sins, then I’m sure you’d…

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