Religious Beliefs: introspection or geographical accident?

Enquiries on Atheism

On another post a blogger called Guymax decided I had taken a trite approach to what religion is. He claims that religion is the result of introspection and self-evaluation. Tildeb and I claimed there was no evidence this is true. We instead argue that one’s specific religion is an accident of geography. If people dispassionately examined their religion then geographical trends wouldn’t be so pronounced (or even exist).

Pick an area of the world, any area of the world. Once you’ve picked a place I challenge you to use Wikipedia to look up the religions in that area and the proportion of people who believe it.

South East Asia

I did this, and I picked a place I have a weird romantic attachment to1: South East Asia. I went there for about a year as a teacher. My impression was one of Buddhism, but such a broad pattern…

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