You’re always asking for evidence of God’s existence. Now it’s my turn. How did life come about from nothing? Provide evidence.

Enquiries on Atheism

There are no claims about the origin of life that are integral to atheism. In fact, I’d be ready to accept the answer “I don’t know”; not knowing the answer is as compatible with atheism as any scientific theory, and that seems to be the most honest answer. It’s equally true that you don’t know God did it. It seems to be a point contention that atheists don’t have answers to these questions; but these questions are just difficult scientific questions that other people insist must be answered for atheism to count.

Where life came from is one of the more fascinating questions; it tries to shine a light onto the boundary between chemistry and biology and the answer eludes us. I’m not too concerned with panspermia theories—the theory that life began somewhere else and arrived here on a meteor or through dust. The theories make sense, the planet is…

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