What is Atheism?

Enquiries on Atheism

Imagine a world where no one had ever thought of God. No one’s culture or psychology had ever led them to shout “help me!” when they were alone and felt scared. The ideas of Creators, universal micromanagers, eternal damnation, capricious and unknowable Divine moral laws and biological Designers had never ever entered a single person’s mind. We still have art, but the dedication and mania that is needed to create beautiful art was directed at beauty itself, or the altruism of giving something to a society. And no one had ever thought of a God.

(On the question of what, exactly, atheism is, I’ve written a post on it before. It very much is the sister article to this post.)

Everyone in that society has never been given the opportunity to reject a god; they’d never heard of a god. They don’t believe He (or “They”, for the polytheists) doesn’t…

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