3. Why don’t you respect other people’s beliefs!? Stop trying to make everyone think like you

Enquiries on Atheism

There are obvious answers to the question “why don’t you respect people’s beliefs?” One of them would be to ask that you stop playing the victim narrative; I am just as bemused, confused and argumentative about people who believe in homeopathy, star signs and fan death as I am religion. People who believe in the paranormal are as mistaken as people who believe in other silly things. Once you have a well-established silly thing it is fun and interesting to tear it apart and it’s not my fault if someone has invested their ego in something silly. I’m attacking an idea, and ideas don’t deserve respect they earn them. People deserve respect (unless they show otherwise).

The second obvious answer is that what you believe informs what you do. People who are truly convinced of paradise or Heaven can murder and wage war and hijack planes and kill people. People…

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