Is atheism a faith-based religion?

Enquiries on Atheism

Some theists seem to enjoy calling atheism either faith-based or a religion. I don’t understand their point; even if they’re right what does that achieve? At best, it puts us at the same level. But that’s only if the claim that atheism is a religion stands up to scrutiny. Does it?


If something is faith-based it has certain claims it asserts an answer to, without evidence. That assertion may also be maintained in the face of contrary evidence. Something is faith-based then in the face of difficult questions there are no answers, but there is a call to not ask questions and just hold to those initial assertions. Examples of this are rife in religion. Without going into specific religions, the claim that at least one God exists is one of them. Often, claims of the nature of that God and the claim that the God built the universe…

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