On teleology

Enquiries on Atheism

In one way or another, it is likely that a theist will bring up design as evidence for the existence of a god. After all, design means a designer, does it not? Yes and no. The answer is yes, but to all the implications the answer is no. Yes, design does need a designer. But it’s not that easy to show design and non-intelligent processes can be designers. Erosion designed the Grand Canyon and beaches. Embryology designs trees from seeds. Deposition (and some fancy chemical displacement) designs most beautiful geology.

As a side note, I am going to talk from the viewpoint that God is real for ease of writing (and so, reading). When I say things like “you need to know the mind of God” I don’t mean to suggest that God is real, I simply mean that is a necessary to be able to know His mind.

When a…

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