If You Do Not Know How the Universe Was Created, How Do You Know For Sure There Is No God?

Enquiries on Atheism

Throughout history people have attributed many phenomena to God and then shown them to be caused by natural mechanisms. The attribution to God was a move of faith, whereas natural mechanisms stand as discoveries. An inductive argument could be formed from that to show that it is rational to not believe God is responsible for something. This pattern of God-didn’t-do-it has gone on so long and with such reliability that there are next to no phenomena left to hide God in. And even if you could hide your own God hypothesis in some unknown phenomena, your argument would be arguing from ignorance. We don’t know, therefore…

It is true that I have no idea how the universe got here. But science has collected the evidence, made the evidence readily available, analysed said evidence, make their analysis readily available, and from that they’ve written a lot of the story. There are hypotheses around…

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