Notes on Faith

Enquiries on Atheism

People do not tend to like defining words. Because people do not define words often, or even think about what words mean, they can quickly acquire baggage. “Faith”, for reasons I will openly speculate about in a moment, has the baggage of being good. The moral worth of faith seems unquestionable, until one tries to pin down the definition of what the word is.

Before I introduce you to a few ideas of how to define the word faith, I want to share a short hypothesis on why many (and let’s be honest, many theists) see faith as good. Firstly, I think atheists have been around for a long time. “New Atheists” describes nothing other than atheists who religious people won’t kill, and that is a new phenomenon1. Therefore, I imagine conversations akin to the ones we have on this blog have taken place in bars and…

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