Is it impossible for the god of the Bible to exist?

Enquiries on Atheism

The God of the Bible is an indemonstrable concept born out of Iron Age mythology. As no evidence exists for us to assert Its existence on, I want you, dear reader, to focus on the chances that the idea we have plucked out of thin air does represent reality. I’ll help you think about it: the number of ideas one can have, if one is not bound to logic or truth, is infinite. What is true is a finite set. The odds are infinitely against us. However, that’s not the same as being impossible. And so, to question whether the God of the Bible is impossible, I have two answers: yes and no.

I shall start with the “no” answer. After all, I’m less likely to lose readers at this stage if I open with a concession. God, if It exists, is a real thing that is entirely immaterial; it is not…

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