God’s utter lacking in compassion

If God is compassionate, why was the Fall a set up and why did It send Its son to be killed in the Middle East?

Enquiries on Atheism

Andy Rhea commented on my post about whether I’d worship God if I believed in Him. The comments followed a theme inspired by Fourat Janabi’s post about God as a Narc; I had said that God does not show compassion, and that the story of the fall to account for that lack of compassion doesn’t work. The Fall was entrapment: God knew it would happen but set it up anyway (while Adam and Eve were still ignorant of morality).

Andy claimed this only works if I assumed God’s foreknowledge was causal; that things happen because God knows they will happen. Any attempt at an analogy should highlight to me how ridiculous that assumption is. And Andy had an analogy ready. Imagine a really good meteorologist, who, owing to his skill, always knows the five-day forecast. And what he knows always happens. The weather doesn’t happen because our talented meteorologist…

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