for the linguistic creationists



Many of you will be familiar with the the cult of Linguistic Creationists and their holy text, the Biblingua, which they believe was revealed in a series of divine whispers from the omniscient deity and creator of language, Hermesa. Although some of us now suspect that language has evolved naturally, many people still cling to the myths and rules of this popular cult.


On the first day, Hermesa created words. May the holy words of Hermes never be subject to the wicked perversion of meaning revision.

It’s difficult when you get to a certain age to adjust to the fact that words, and indeed expressions, are not divinely defined in tablets of stone. There is proof that words evolve, in the form of new words entering our dictionaries on a regular basis. But it’s not just the new words that are a cause of vitriol from the Linguist Creationist…

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