On the “Spiritual Impulse”

Enquiries on Atheism

There is a certain deistic argument I recently met that I think deserves a response. The argument is that similarities in religious texts and appreciating beauty and justice are symptoms of a “spiritual impulse”. Said spiritual impulse is said to be a symptom of a message all people are simultaneously receiving. Said message is meant to be a yearning from a God. I have intentionally broken the argument down into stages so that the “complexity” of the argument is clear. That will be important later. But first, I want to agree a small philosophical point: if a particular evidence can sensibly be used to defend two mutually exclusive views, the evidence is in support of neither. If you can’t agree to that, ruminate on it for a minute or two. If you still can’t agree, please leave a comment to explain why.

I would like to argue that the similarity…

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