What Wilson teaches us about Hysteria

Was the grand jury right or wrong to rule that no indictment should be brought against Wilson for shooting Brown dead?

Okay, now look at the riots in Ferguson.

Someone is hysterically wrong.

Okay, I don’t like politics,* but that isn’t what I’m looking at here. I’m looking at the way things unfold, and I’m relating it to this strange argument that the Bible is true because a bunch of people believed it (according to the very book that makes the claims in the first place). There was a siege of Christianity. So? Right now there is a siege of indignation swamping Ferguson: either the grand jury or the rioters are wrong.

Whipping up a frenzy isn’t actually difficult. Any dogma can get a following if it has a passionate enough leader. The spread of Christianity tell us nothing of the truth of the claims.

* and being British, I barely know anything about how this works.


31 thoughts on “What Wilson teaches us about Hysteria”

  1. Given the information now released since the Grand jury, we now know Wilson could have waited for assistance from other police officers before engaging Brown raising the possibility of a successful arrest without injury to anyone exponentially. Might Brown ultimately still have refused to comply and been killed? Yes. In that instance reasonable force would have been employed. This was an untrained officer shooting a man in the street in a panic. He should face charges. He could be exonerated by a jury or convicted. That won’t happen thanks to political machinations in St Louis. It is about Law Enforcement maintaining immunity from prosecution or oversight that should be the concern here.
    There *is* an criminal element at work among the protesters taking advantage to sow chaos and confusion. As long as that continues, civil authorities will have ample justification for brutal quashing of lawful dissent.

    1. Stephen Ruis posted pointing out that transparency in the process would have helped to calm a lot of people down. I think that’s part of the problem: so long as these decisions are made in private people are not going to have confidence in the process.
      Equally, professional rioters are ruining the demonstration and capitalising on someone’s death, cheapening the task concerns of some people.

  2. It was not actually up to the Grand Jury to determine the veracity of the witnesses. The function of the Grand Jury was to determine whether there was enough evidence to charge Wilson with manslaughter or some other felony or misdemeanor prosecutable in a criminal trial.

    The prosecutor assigned to this case is talking about the decision as if it were a trail decision; he is basically making apologies so he can be done with it. He clearly didn’t want it and didn’t know what to do with it.

    To my mind, when 12 shots are fired at an unarmed man, aimed to kill, this is at least cause to recommend dismissal on grounds of unprofessional conduct and excessive force. (I could be wrong, but I believe the Grand Jury could make that recommendation.) That the Grand Jury did not find such use of force excessive is disturbing and raises questions concerning their possible interests here. It seems more like creationist denial of evidence for evolution to me.

    The rioters are engaging in hysteria, true; but the trend for the last decade in America has been toward legitimation of excessive and deadly force in confrontations where one of those involved is African American. As that trend continues, the tendency toward frustration and over-reaction will increase.

    1. From looking into it, this is the way I’ve been swaying. Although, it means a steep learning curve for me: I don’t know how the process works. Between a lack of transparency and the decision a decision that it wasn’t even worth investigating it as a cringe, I suspect the large scale mistake is on behalf of the grand jury, not the rioters (not to say the riot is easily defended).

  3. This post is an example of how leftists never let a crisis go to waste in their incessant attacks on Western Civilization.

    In Ferguson, Missouri, USA a thug tried to kill a policeman and the policeman defended himself with deadly force.

    It’s as simple as that.

    But since the atheist has no moral compass, there is no way for him to know right and wrong, good and evil.

    But Christian America, along with the rest of its justice-loving American brethren know exactly the right and wrong, the good and evil that went down in Ferguson.

    The attempt by the Godless barbarian to legitimize violence and mayhem and then have the audacity to associate such heinous undertakings with Christianity is truly abominable.

        1. My core point–that large groups of people can become convinced, hysterically, of something that is wrong–is propaganda? Are you saying, in fact, large groups of people cannot be hysterically convinced of something which is wrong, so the rioters–given that they are hysterical in response to something they believe–must be right?

      1. Alla,

        Effective argumentation consists of a claim and then some sort of reasoning or evidence that supports or proves the claim.

        Your mischaracterization of Ferguson and Christianity kill any credibility that your claim might have.

        1. I ask again: if my initial point–that the rioters could be mistaken–is propaganda, does it not follow that the rioters could not be mistaken?

        2. Alla,

          You are cherry picking your own post.

          If you want to separate your leftist propaganda concerning Ferguson and Christianity from your central claim, than you shouldn’t have woven them into your post.

        3. I’ve read and reread my post. (It’s short, so that’s easy.) The fact that people can be hysterically wrong is clearly the main point of my post. There is no reasonable cause for confusion.
          I don’t claim that rioters are wrong. I don’t claim the Grand Jury is wrong. I merely point out that one of them must be, and then I use that challenge the assumption that because an idea spreads quickly that it is true.

        4. Alla,

          I am disputing your use of leftist propaganda which denigrates the justice that was served in Ferguson and the true nature of Christianity.

          Effective propaganda juxtaposes a truth (your claim) with untruth (your falsehoods concerning Ferguson justice and Christianity.

          And based on the comments of your atheist comrades, your propaganda is indeed effective.

        1. Alla,

          Now you’re just showing the colors of the garden variety, abusive, atheist-leftist elitist.

          You folks haven’t got a lick of common sense, yet you think you’re smarter than everyone else.

        2. I’m sorry you take the assumption that you might not be from an English speaking country so personally. Showing your colours a little?

          I only asked because your reading comprehension is quite low; you’re not able to reply to what it is your presented with to read.

        3. Alla,

          Now you’re just flat out lying as is typical of atheists because they cannot have any sense of morality whatsoever.

          When someone like you, who thinks their own farts are ambrosia, asks if English is someone’s first language, the insult is clear.

        4. Alla,

          I’d like to say, “Alla, I’m not paranoid, I just know atheists like every square inch of my glorious naked body.”

          But I don’t want to scare you away.

        1. What ever happened to the tunes when the police could do what they felt was right without having to be kept in check by a social conscience? (Watch me get the buzz words on here) This leftist atheist propaganda is eroding western civilisation!

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