Is Belief in God Reasonable? My opening speech

Enquiries on Atheism

[Introductions and thanks for the invite to speak]

Let me tell you how this evening is going to go: a lot of statements are going to be made. That seems very much to be the nature of debates. A lot of those statements I am going to disagree with. Each statement I disagree with I am going to ask for evidence or a reasoned explanation for. I am not doing this to be obtuse; this is the only way to police the reasonableness of the discussion we have this evening. I try―and I occasionally fail―not to believe anything until a level of evidence and reasoned explanation have been delivered for that belief. The required level of evidence and reasoned explanation for each belief is described by the extraordinariness of the belief. Lets us take just a moment to explore what that means.

If you claim to have a pet dog…

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1 thought on “Is Belief in God Reasonable? My opening speech”

  1. Hey there. Question: is it possible that other people have senses that you don’t have?

    Imagine that you are a human being born on Earth who possesses the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Imagine that you were kidnapped by a hexapedal alien civilization that had no sense of hearing, and these aliens produced loud screeches when they walked, the said screeches originating from a series of gills located on their squiddish lower appendages, which vented shrieks of hot gas whenever they processed calories to move. Every time one of them walked close to you, you were hit with sound waves so powerful that you clutched your ears in pain and fell to the floor. You developed headaches. Alien doctors determined that you were clearly insane, for feeling the presence of something that was not there.

    Despite their inability to hear, they were a brilliant race. Within weeks they had adjusted their advanced visual computer programs to translate the movements of your mouth into their native sign language, and you became able to… Continued here.

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