Religion as Wart on Community

Enquiries on Atheism

It is seen as a strength of religion that it keeps communities together. It is assumed, then, that the decline in community cohesion across many cities and suburbs is due to the decline in religion. This is not an argument in defence of the truth of religion, but of the usefulness of religion. I think the argument is unfounded.

I think the decline in community is due to the decline in true difficulty. Difficult times mean looking for help, and looking for help means creating and developing a tribe. A strong sense of in-tribalism is basically identical to the sense of community. The declining need to ask for help has done away with that.

Another part of this is our lack of time. Approximately 8 hours of our day is taken up with work, which doesn’t realistically leave us with enough time to rally together a small tribe and build…

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6 thoughts on “Religion as Wart on Community”

    1. Thanks.
      I can never tell if I’m preaching to the converted or if you’ve genuinely attempted criticism of that idea and found it fares pretty well…

      1. Preaching to the converted here, but I liked the way you presented the argument. Frankly I just tend to ignore it when i hear the association made between societal problems and the decline of religion. Now, however, I actually have a ready argument that articulates that which I’d never bothered to think about. Consider your fine work stolen! 🙂

        1. Yes.
          I also accept well-worded refusal. And my solicitor informs me I am basically obliged to accept Cease and Desist letters.

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