No Contemporary Accounts of Jesus (nor Edith)

Enquiries on Atheism

There are no contemporary accounts of the life of Jesus Christ. That matters. The normal rebuttal is to call that a lie and cite Josephus and Tacitus. However, Tacitus was born in AD 56 and Josephus was born in AD 37. Jesus died aged 33. The friendliest estimate of Jesus’ year of birth is AD 9, which means Jesus died in AD 41 (and Josephus was 8). The least palatable (but better supported) year of Jesus’ birth is 2/3 BC, meaning Jesus died in about AD 30, and Josephus wouldn’t be born for another 7 years.

Quibbling over 10 years here or ten years there might seem laughable, given that we’re talking about something that happened about 2000 years ago. But the idea of “contemporary” isn’t relative. Things do not become more “contemporary” as time passes. The account was either written at the time of the event, or it wasn’t…

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