the sins of the EU


We’re in a state of shock, confusion and horror in the UK. The chattering classes are chattering about how this could have happened, how we can fix it and what form of ignorance led people to vote to leave the EU. But what if we’re underestimating what has happened here? What if those who voted to leave weren’t deceived by campaign lies, weren’t voting based on hateful xenophobia and weren’t simply voting against the government in a fit of pique?

Perhaps some educated people out there have a window into evil sins of the EU that have previously remained unidentified.

I’m happy to say I’ve found at least two such Leave supporters: one who even knows the difference between a xylophone and xenophobia; and someone who has examined the facts in serious detail and has concluded that food banks in the UK only exist because of the EU.

Let’s examine the words of the…

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