God’s utter lacking in compassion

Andy Rhea commented on my post about whether I’d worship God if I believed in Him. The comments followed a theme inspired by Fourat Janabi’s post about God as a Narc; I had said that God does not show compassion, and that the story of the fall to account for that lack of compassion doesn’t work. The Fall was entrapment: God knew it would happen but set it up anyway (while Adam and Eve were still ignorant of morality).

Andy claimed this only works if I assumed God’s foreknowledge was causal; that things happen because God knows they will happen. Any attempt at an analogy should highlight to me how ridiculous that assumption is. And Andy had an analogy ready. Imagine a really good meteorologist, who, owing to his skill, always knows the five-day forecast. And what he knows always happens. The weather doesn’t happen because our talented meteorologist knows it will, it happens regardless.

I accept that is true, but I do not accept that it works as an argument. God is meant to be omnipotent as well as omniscient. Add omnipotence to our talented meteorologist. Now imagine in the five-day forecast a huge storm is going to destroy the coastal town he lives on, killing his friends and family. Is that storm going to hit? Of course not. Our protagonist (the meteorologist) is going to stop that storm. After all, we just gave him super powers. Just for the fun of continuing the analogy, imagine the storm included huge hail stones which would maim and disfigure his friends and family. And our talented meteorologist is the vein and superficial types, so he knows he is going to judge his friends and family for their new appearance post-hail storm. He also knows that the only way he will ever be able to forgive his friends and family will be to send his son to the Middle East on a mission that will upset the local politicians, resulting in a Middle Eastern state executing his son. Imagine, after all that, he will then only forgive the friends and family who believe that the child’s death is a good thing. Compassionate? No. The storm should never have hit in the first place.


16 thoughts on “God’s utter lacking in compassion”

    1. I echo this and agree with the counter argument.

      In response to the question of would I worship god if god was revealed, I would want to know which god that would be. If the answer to that is the god of the bible, then no I would not worship that god, that god is a monster.

  1. This post is an example of the atheist hallucinating something completely ridiculous, assigning that ridiculous something to the Bible, and then demanding that the Christian explain the ridiculous.

    The Bible is what it is.

    That is, the Bible already has a meaning of its own, not the one hallucinated by any Tom, Dick or Harry with a religious ax to grind.

    The Bible examines many topics critical to the welfare of humanity collectively and to each person individually.

    The story of Adam and Eve is one of the first ancient pieces of literature that begins the examination of justice.

    Plato does that same thing but in a very different way in his tour de force, “The Republic.”

    The atheist will always suffer from ingrained ignorance because he insists on teaching himself from his own hallucinations instead of learning from the master.

      1. I was hoping for a better answer, but since you wish to stick with the answer that atheists are ignorant because the bible says so, then the bible is what it is, a bigoted assumptive out of date wad of fire lighters.

      2. I love it SilenceoM.

        You address a concern, then get challenged to address a concern because the answer is not enjoyed.

        It’s like me saying in times past regarding scripture: ‘While believing none of it…………..they want answers from all of it………’

        While I’m here, chastising God, citing Him as a monster……..is a thought to be pitied. Where is the monstrosity in the creation of the oak tree? Where is the devildom in the creation of the human finger?

        A baby’s giggle? The tears of a mother in pure delight? Where oh where is the monster found in the heights of Kilamanjaro, or Denali?

        God as a monster? Ha!! And please, let’s hope people do not have the unmitigated gall to speak of the biblical flood, where God was extremely patient, for.drum roll please…….. 120 years before the rains came…………..

        Yeah quite the monster was He, as He gave the wicked creatures a chance to amend their ways. But sure, God has no compassion. And rainbows are ugly……………….

        There are no defects in God.

  2. What this comes down to is: why don’t Christians believe what they say they believe. For example, many claim that Satan was a fallen angel (some say Lucifer). If one believes that and one believes in God’s omniscience, then God would have to have known what Lucifer/Satan was going to do when He created him. Since God brought Lucifer/Satan into being, He could take him out with a snap of His ethereal fingers … but does not. A fair question is “why?” God also must have known what Adam and Eve were to do, and yet He wanders around asking questions like He doesn’t know what is going on. (He ends up asking Cain where his brother is when He must have known that Cain had slain Abel.) He promises Adam and Eve that they will die if they eat of the fruit. Do either Adam and Even know what “to die” means? They haven’t been alive long enough to have gained that knowledge from observing animals. God could have made them understand, but if he did so, why did Adam and Eve bet their lives on a piece of fruit? And why didn’t they die?

    Why do many Christians claim the NT supersedes the OT but still flog away about Genesis, the Creation, and the Ten Commandments. And if the NT supersedes the OT, was the OT a mistake? It couldn’t have been an experiment as omniscience means that all experimental results are already known.

    Why aren’t Christians exploring the consequences of what they believe?

    1. Steve,

      The ancient authors of the Bible books weren’t Hollywood screen writers subject to the reviews of movie goers’ fertile imaginations.

      And the movie goers certainly don’t get to pretend that they can rewrite the script.

      But that is exactly what you are doing.

      You are rewriting the Bible in your own way.

      And it’s no wonder that it doesn’t work out for you.

  3. Here ya go steve (although you have NEVER answered a reply to any one of my responses to you……….)

    That’s biblical. That’s called grace……………

    You said this:

    ‘Why aren’t Christians exploring the consequences of what they believe?’

    What a poor assumption you make. It is precisely the ‘exploring’ of scripture which leads any reasonable person to see that the word of God is the monarch of books.

    Ah but you will say: written by poor ignorant stone age men……

    Well then steve: What have YOU written, or any other atheist on earth that comes close to the word of God?????????????

    What other source have you that defines perfectly the source of all that is, with things purely unknowable that are revealed?

    What other source have you that proves the origin of man, his purpose, and his destiny?

    That’s right, there are none, in all the libraries of the world. God’s word is final, and absolute.

    Why have we not explored? Ha! Why have you not considered the beginning and the end? Why have you not considered He who was before the Alphabet? Why have you not considered the Chief Architect of life who can be seen in ten seconds flat?

    Why have you not considered the notes of the musical scale, that they are in harmony with the sounds of a brook? Why have you not considered the colors of the rainbow that display God’s genius?

    Why have you not considered the absolute truth of arithmetic and how truth is revealed through numbers?

    Why have you not considered the 24 hr day? Years? The owl that flies by night thanks be to God. Why have you not considered the boundaries of the oceans?

    And why have you not considered that the laughter of man is more valuable than a snickering hyena?

    So once more, if God’s word is suspect, and supposedly peccable, what have YOU written that inspires man, supplies wisdom, removes doubt, gives understanding, and and reveals truth like no other book on earth?

    You ask the wrong questions steve, and ignore ten thousand answers already given.
    We patiently await your wonderful reply.

  4. By the chronology of the presented narrative, it wasn’t just entrapment but either:

    1) complete incomptetence


    2) an act of wilful evil.

    Adam and Eve (and the earth) were created after Creation had already failed. Lucifer, Yhwh’s most beautiful creation, had sinned, and Hell had been constructed. Creation was diseased, and Yhwh cast man into this house that was already on fire.

    Incompetence or wilful evil?

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