A Non-intervening God and The Problem of Suffering

Epicurus asked if God physically can stop suffering and whether He emotionally wants to. If God can stop suffering, clearly He doesn’t want to; if God wants to stop suffering, clearly He can’t. Else, if He can stop it and wants to, where is it coming from? But this problem removes particular definitions of God:… Continue reading A Non-intervening God and The Problem of Suffering

Self-Labelling as Agnostic

Neil deGrasse Tyson, a long time ago now, annoyed a lot of people. He did this not by identifying as an agnostic, but by using it to entirely the side-step the issue of whether he is an atheist. Does he believe or not? Penn Jillette addressed this issue in his book God? No! where he… Continue reading Self-Labelling as Agnostic

Freewill and human moral evils

Human moral evils1 are things intentionally done by people who cause suffering. If a god capable of altering our will prioritises our freedom to commit these evils over our wellbeing, such evils—like child abuse—must be fostered so long some people will to do it2. Alternatively, human moral evils are part of a god’s toolkit for… Continue reading Freewill and human moral evils

Grieving as an Atheist

I know I said my next few posts would be deep and bounce off of my last post where I tried to draw lines between the law, morality, rights and responsibilities. However, in a quick reply I think it might be nice to respond to a post called “Grieving as an Atheist”. This post has… Continue reading Grieving as an Atheist

Religion is Bad

This is an oddly controversial topic, even for my clearly-atheist blog. You can almost smell the qualifications and caveats I’m going to offer as I go. But religion is bad. From the religions which famously teach violence, like Islam, to the religions which teach unwavering peace, like Jainism, religion is bad. It doesn’t matter how… Continue reading Religion is Bad

This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

I commented recently on post called “Mild Paedophilia in Light of Atheism”1. The post decried Dawkins for his use of the phrase “mild paedophilia”, and I didn’t mention in the comment that without context the phrase may have been entirely legitimate2. What I did mention is that the blogger was being inconsistent: where the blogger… Continue reading This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

Killing Itself Softly with Its Words: why religion may kill itself

Recently, on a journey back from Bournemouth—where I shall soon be living as a Geography teacher—I missed a connecting train journey and as a result met a small group of people who managed to convince me that religion will die. And it will die very soon. I caught a train from Bournemouth to Dorchester, to… Continue reading Killing Itself Softly with Its Words: why religion may kill itself

Jesus’ Resurrection: best explanation of the evidence

It is irrational to belief that Jesus rose from the dead. I made that argument a while ago, using mostly the Bible and Dr Bart Ehrman as sources. My argument was that we have laughably unreliable, inconsistent, outdated oral tales supposedly based on second-hand eye-witness accounts that Jesus’ tomb was found empty three days after… Continue reading Jesus’ Resurrection: best explanation of the evidence

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Journey: why the passing of life is why we should care

I have, in an earlier post, made a passing reference to transience. It got no traction at all, and now I want to talk about transience in the sense of atheism and, more correctly, humanism; transience is the very thing that endows us with value and worth. I want to compare that to a world… Continue reading We Hope You Enjoyed Your Journey: why the passing of life is why we should care