Writing a Book?

I have joined the legion of people who have decided to write a book. I have had an interest in the God-conversation since I started university in 2007 and that’s basically meant 7 years of pontification and research; I reckon I’m more knowledgeable on God than I am my own degree: Geography. (That said, I… Continue reading Writing a Book?

The Hilarity of Human Genitals

Evolution, in all its elegance, has neglected some part of us. Evolution has selected for the beautiful curves of a woman’s body, and the delta-shape of men. Evolution has selected our parts on utility and on aesthetics (called sexual selection*). But when it comes to the mushy parts we smoosh together to further the human… Continue reading The Hilarity of Human Genitals

The Jägermeister Experiment

Introduction On experience, the more inebriated or intoxicated a person becomes the greater their tolerance is for foods that person finds objectionable when they are sober. This phenomenon has economic impacts, such as the success of Turkish-styled kebab houses that stay open into the night for the drunk-custom. ‘Drunk-custom’ is the name given to people… Continue reading The Jägermeister Experiment

In a Post-Apocalyptic World

The zombies are coming. You have an escape route out the back, but you need to make sure the path is zombie-free. Your girlfriend is injured and slow from the last attack, but she’s not infected—and that’ll teach you to not have an escape route planned. More importantly, she’s good with a gun. There aren’t… Continue reading In a Post-Apocalyptic World

The Conscious Dream

The harder I tried to burn away my past the higher the shadows it cast leapt up in front of me; I had escaped nothing. With the flames lapping at my feet, here I was; a dark tunnel; just me and him with it further up ahead. The air was still and stagnant. My flashlight… Continue reading The Conscious Dream

The Warehouse

I have found some 'creative' writing. It's a non-fiction piece that I wrote during a lunch break while I was working in an aluminium factory. Enjoy. He walks across the expanse of car park to find somewhere to take his mandatory ten minute break and comes across what looks like a school chair facing the… Continue reading The Warehouse