Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

During prohibition, alcoholism rates tripled. That’s how good making thing illegal is at stopping people from doing them. For every person that abused alcohol before prohibition, there came three. That is the opposite of what such a law is for. Evidence suggests abuse levels are lower where the drugs are legal (I’m still thinking prohibition,… Continue reading Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

The Cartels want the Drugs to be illegal

Illegal drugs cartels make huge amounts of tax-free money. If you don’t believe me, I know a small one-man operation that makes £11,000 every three months. Profit. If the ‘legalise drugs’ debate were to start again in the UK, and said one-man operation who I know had any business sense, that one-man operation would fight… Continue reading The Cartels want the Drugs to be illegal