The Reality in Your Head

In my earlier post (A Spiritual Atheist) I said something that may seem a little contradictory to my normal "truth is" mentality. In fact, what I said sounds outright like ontological relativism. I said there is a universe in your head and that it is as vast as the universe we normally refer to (the… Continue reading The Reality in Your Head

A Spiritual Atheist

I meditate. I don’t know why I have taken forever to let you all know that; I think I was waiting until I could be sure certain people had gotten bored with my blog and stopped reading. But I do practice meditation. I’m not trying to contact any higher power or commune with God (although… Continue reading A Spiritual Atheist

On Gay Marriage

I am a bleeding-heart-bloody-liberal. I know that. So I want to make a quick case for gay marriage, and explain why the anti-gay marriage lobby are wrong. I shall start with the following two assumptions: (1) the default position should be that, absent of extraordinary circumstances, people should be equal; (2) there should be the… Continue reading On Gay Marriage

The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

My posts have been scheduled for a while now. So although it looks like I’ve been busy at around 7pm (GMT) every day, I was actually busy on two days in early January while I wrote out a lot of ideas that bounced around my head. I have actually been in the real world ever… Continue reading The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

“You built your walls so high that no one could climb it. But I’m gonna try. Won’t you tell me see beneath your beautiful” We all wear masks. Sometimes we wear the masks of people we want to be: stronger people who can endure through our burdens and come out the other side happy; adventurous… Continue reading The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

Re-writing the Bible: a book for the post-apocalypse

I’m still thinking about the post-apocalyptic world and the Post-Apocalypse Bible I’m going to write. I will come up with a new name for that, but Hitchhiker’s Guide is already taken. But this is no easy task. I am going to need a lot of supporting materials. So where do I start? What books are… Continue reading Re-writing the Bible: a book for the post-apocalypse

Physics is an Eternal Truth

I don’t challenge the claim that God could exist forever. I do use some clichéd arguments, but that is not one of them. I accept that if a thing can exist independent of time then it can—for the lack of better expressions—exist forever. But God's complexity, as intelligence capable of controlling the universe, does demand… Continue reading Physics is an Eternal Truth