Book Excerpt: Miracles

Here's a part of my book, for free. I write it up this afternoon, when I should have been doing more constructive things. Nevertheless, for your cerebral entertainment, here is a subchapter on miracles. (The last paragraph, in bold; I didn't do that. Somewhere between Google Docs and WordPress it did it all by itself.… Continue reading Book Excerpt: Miracles

Investigating the Psychology of the Religious

After I vowed to investigate the psychological differences between religious people and atheists my research threw a spanner in the works: there is more than one type of religious person. To be more specific, there are intrinsically and extrinsically religious people. What this means is that there are people who use the idea of God… Continue reading Investigating the Psychology of the Religious

Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion

The other day I was talking with my flatmate. She was a psychiatrist and the discussion moved to how psychological conditions and symptoms are entirely culturally and contextually dependent. Your behaviour must be inappropriate for your culture for it to be relevant to psychology. But this does not sit well with Dawkins’ definition of a… Continue reading Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion