First They were Wrong About Science and it Got Worse from There

The problem is, the currency of “truth” (there’s another conversation for another day) loses value when it leaves the scientists hands and goes into the hands of “the media” for communication. Communication is the weakest link... This failure of science communication is often confused for a failure of science. But it’s a failure of a system of media that uses currency as a currency, and not truth as a currency.

Book Excerpt: To not know

Not knowing. We've all had the religious try to shoehorn in their preferred deity where science has had the humility to admit it doesn't know. The arrogance may even have struck and annoyed many of us. So, I thought it would earn a full place in my book, and here are the 3,000 words I've… Continue reading Book Excerpt: To not know

On the Illusion of Species

I don’t like to talk much about Creationism, but here I go again. I want to expand on a point I made in an earlier post: Darwin should have called his book On the Illusion of Species. I've tried to get rid of technical terms and keep this readable. The point I’m working up to is… Continue reading On the Illusion of Species