What is a person?

I am a person (I promise). You are a person (I say that with confidence, as I am only addressing those that can read this). But, what exactly is a person? I’m not going to go through much ground work to establish that “living human” and “person” are non-identical terms, because I think that much… Continue reading What is a person?

Can abortion ever be banned, while maintaining female rights?

Madblog recently wrote a series of posts. (Recent relative to when I wrote this, anyway.) Her posts were about abortion, the two pertinent points being this: abortion is a genocide, just like the Nazi extermination of the Jews; and, in response to the indignation she subsequently received, to set the challenge for atheists (because, as… Continue reading Can abortion ever be banned, while maintaining female rights?

Abort? Pro-choice vs. No choice.

Is abortion closer to murder or using a pesticide? Is a nurse or doctor who helps carry out abortions morally closer to being guilty of genocide or indistinguishable from using a doctor who uses antibiotics to rid the body of an infection? If I refuse to allow my body to be used as a life-support… Continue reading Abort? Pro-choice vs. No choice.

Educating Christians. Lesson #1: Abortion; your god LOVES it!

Yesterday (I think, I've lost all track of time and days and purpose) I put up a post to apologise for my over-zealous acceptance that the Christian God commanded child sacrifice for His pleasure. I did that without looking it up, and then I went on a narrow focused search to back up my post… Continue reading Educating Christians. Lesson #1: Abortion; your god LOVES it!