Of Atheists and Aliens

A lot of atheists believe in aliens. At least, Dean Smith’s post on the blog Open The Word seems to claim so. Initially I doubted the claim and so I went on a search of reasons not to doubt the claim. A sort of optimistic Descartes-ian fact-finding mission. (I actually gave up on this endeavour… Continue reading Of Atheists and Aliens

Letting Go of the Crutch: Probability and physics are on the atheists’ side

A few days ago I was talking to a blogger called Physics and Whiskey. He wrote two posts, one called The atheist’s crutch: Misusing probability and another called The atheist’s other crutch: Breaking the laws of physics. In these posts he makes two clear arguments. In the first he argues that to rebut certain parts of… Continue reading Letting Go of the Crutch: Probability and physics are on the atheists’ side

Turning Over a Less Argumentative Leaf

I am changing a perspective in my life. It is something I am consciously working on instead of having just woken up this morning with a brand new brain. With that in mind, its timing makes it look like a New Year’s resolution, but it’s not. I have a terrible habit of arguing with people,… Continue reading Turning Over a Less Argumentative Leaf

Aliens Coming to Earth

Here’s a question: could aliens come to earth and kidnap humans with the intent of sticking non-descript metal things up their butts? (Last time I put this post up a commenter asked what else the aliens might want to look at, other than our butts. The commenter basically undid my entire post by asking that question;… Continue reading Aliens Coming to Earth