The Right to Bear Arms

After an event of gun violence, people naturally tend towards asking whether guns should be more tightly restricted. Many people believe that the tools that allow ill-intent to become highly efficient killing should be restricted. Many other people believe that their right to self-defence simply comes with a cost like this and is worthwhile. Some… Continue reading The Right to Bear Arms

Politics based on Ideals

Fiction is the answer to real world issues. It’s not apparent at first, but if we turn to fiction―particularly science fiction―then we are offered glimpses into what the future can look like. Utopian societies share very common themes, none of these themes are corporate control, environmental destruction or unsafe food additives; universal healthcare is a… Continue reading Politics based on Ideals

Epicurus and The Problem of Evil

The Newtown, Connecticut shooting that happened the other day has sparked the blogosphere—or at least the part of the blogosphere that I frequent—into a frenzy of conversation about God, Heaven and evil. I don’t want to talk about the shooting; I find it disrespectful to tie the shooting up in a theological discussion. The only… Continue reading Epicurus and The Problem of Evil