Can God Stop Evil without Ending our Freewill?

The problem of evil is ubiquitous. However, this argument only works against certain definitions of a god. If you believe in a particular God that is incompatible with the nature of suffering then you should throw out the definition of God. Normally this is not what happens. People either cut their definitions of God or… Continue reading Can God Stop Evil without Ending our Freewill?

Why is God good?

I have heard many times from apologists and blogosphere theologians that God must be good. I am then given some variety of bad reasoning: circular arguments about God’s nature being good because goodness is defined by God’s nature, brute force arguments about God being either “Perfect” or the Creator and this is therefore just the… Continue reading Why is God good?

14. The Biblical God is Ignorant about Science

The claims here are actually very simple: all of the ‘knowledge’ contained in the Bible could easily have been written by the people of the time with no special agency or divine revelation; God could have given His people some knowledge that would have made their immediate lives easier. For example, no one knew about… Continue reading 14. The Biblical God is Ignorant about Science