7 Trading Eisenstadt for Vienna

Last Thursday my students performed a show that we’ve been working on for two weeks. It was a big show, and the parents seemed to enjoy it—which is the point. I then got a present off of the school: a big a bottle of wine and a school t-shirt. So far things have gone as… Continue reading 7 Trading Eisenstadt for Vienna

4 The Late Arrival of Officer Schwarzenegger

Simon, our drunken lost boy, was now well on his way to making a complete arse of himself. He had gotten himself fired by three different people in the same company in one evening by shouting undirected abuse. One of the things I had missed was that apparently he had been physically abusive to our… Continue reading 4 The Late Arrival of Officer Schwarzenegger

1 Getting to Austria

I know, I know. TEFL came up again and I dropped right off the WordPress radar. There are reasons for that, like Austria takes priority over keeping my blog up to date (which I assume you understand), but also because TEFL is slightly more mentally consuming than plastering, unemployment, working in a factory or landscape… Continue reading 1 Getting to Austria