Cyclists – registration and taxation

On the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 the other day there was a conversation about how we are going to recover from the economic stagnation as a result of lockdown. One of the suggestions was a Registration and Road Tax scheme for cyclists. The random member of the public who proposed this (we… Continue reading Cyclists – registration and taxation

Does evidence undermine religion?

Again, watching the BBC’s The Big Questions, I stumbled across a question I would like to discuss. The format of the show ― and, no doubt, the decisions the producers have to make for the sake of the audience and time ― limits the ability of the surely great minds on the panel to have… Continue reading Does evidence undermine religion?

The Whining Left, Democracy and Politics of the Future

I voted Labour. Everyone I know who actually voted, voted Labour (unless they voted Green, which is not voting). Except, a lot of people I know who voted haven’t told me who they voted for. They voted Conservative. And I think that is the cause of the protests; because the Conservative voters are quieter, no… Continue reading The Whining Left, Democracy and Politics of the Future