I like being around beauty

I like beauty; if I have to fill my life with things, I should appreciate the aesthetics of those things. And I don’t like having to defend myself for this. I have been accused of being a misogynist and a chauvinist for this. But that is a misunderstanding (or oversensitivity) about what beauty is. Beauty… Continue reading I like being around beauty

God-arguments that don’t work and the beauty of life

There are certain arguments for God that cannot work. And if we inspect the basic arsenal of the average apologist—the cosmological arguments, the teleological arguments, arguments from objective purpose, arguments from objective morality—certain ones stand out as not being able to work, regardless of what the evidence is. Despite my persistence is arguing that most… Continue reading God-arguments that don’t work and the beauty of life

15. God is Found in the Hallelujah of the Chorus

I am left agape and humbled by the pictures from the Hubble telescope—of other galaxies spiralling away in distances and times so far from our own—and I am amazed, excited and inspired by the views from beneath the ocean. I also seem to have a penchant for deep-red colours, and I find images of the… Continue reading 15. God is Found in the Hallelujah of the Chorus

The Reality in Your Head

In my earlier post (A Spiritual Atheist) I said something that may seem a little contradictory to my normal "truth is" mentality. In fact, what I said sounds outright like ontological relativism. I said there is a universe in your head and that it is as vast as the universe we normally refer to (the… Continue reading The Reality in Your Head