Thoughts on this idiot

The memorably named 22056 has recently started a blog which appears to have the goal of attacking “atheism”. I say “atheism” because I strongly suspect the author’s concept of atheism has formed in an echo chamber that doesn’t care much for what atheism really is or what atheists really believe. Part of the reason I… Continue reading Thoughts on this idiot

First They were Wrong About Science and it Got Worse from There

The problem is, the currency of “truth” (there’s another conversation for another day) loses value when it leaves the scientists hands and goes into the hands of “the media” for communication. Communication is the weakest link... This failure of science communication is often confused for a failure of science. But it’s a failure of a system of media that uses currency as a currency, and not truth as a currency.

“Everything Happened all by Itself”?

"Atheists believe everything happened by itself" is not an uncommon accusation to be fired at atheists. I recently watched a video on how internet memes spread, so I have a vague concept of how that sort of considerable misinformation spreads so rapidly. But how about getting under what the problem with this accusation is. To… Continue reading “Everything Happened all by Itself”?

Physics is an Eternal Truth

I don’t challenge the claim that God could exist forever. I do use some clichéd arguments, but that is not one of them. I accept that if a thing can exist independent of time then it can—for the lack of better expressions—exist forever. But God's complexity, as intelligence capable of controlling the universe, does demand… Continue reading Physics is an Eternal Truth

God as a Superfluous Footnote to Science

You may be one of the moderate or scientific religious people. If you’re not sure, let me approximately describe what those people are: they believe life originated by some chemical process around 3.5 billion years ago, consistent with abiogenesis. But they equally believe a pre-existent intelligence guided the chemical process, and this intelligence gave the… Continue reading God as a Superfluous Footnote to Science