On Politeness and Accusations

A recent post by the blogger Insanity Bytes 22 (IB) makes the rather fun implication that atheists are a political force that is partaking in discrimination against Christians. IB also does a rather splendid job of maligning atheists with acts of child abuse. If you are a respectable reader, you will of course go to… Continue reading On Politeness and Accusations

Does God Value our Freewill?

In my last post I explored the idea that it made sense humans would be free to act negatively towards each other, if God cares about our freewill. The main idea was that if you act on me and I will you not to then we live in a moment where you violate my will and… Continue reading Does God Value our Freewill?

Freewill and human moral evils

Human moral evils1 are things intentionally done by people who cause suffering. If a god capable of altering our will prioritises our freedom to commit these evils over our wellbeing, such evils—like child abuse—must be fostered so long some people will to do it2. Alternatively, human moral evils are part of a god’s toolkit for… Continue reading Freewill and human moral evils